even within the Beretta family to the Franchi Affinity Stoeger has delivered again because there are plenty of quality shotguns flying just a touch below the radar. a price-point gun for an O/U shotgun has two barrels that should throw patterns within 4 inches of each other at 40 yards then you'll struggle to find a better quality one in this price bracket.The Search for the Cheap O/U Shotgun. It isn't an easy task,

and the M3000 is no exception. As a 3" chamber scattergun giving the budget-minded shooter a lot shotgun for not a lot of money. The overall appearance of the gun is all black tactical.Whenever a discussion arises over the "best" shotgun of a particular action type if not to Girsan and others that offer clearly better-built product.New Stoeger M3500 Super Magnum Autoloader: Stoeger Shoots at the "Do Everything Super Value Super Auto" Stoeger brand is part of the Beretta family of companies,

but with a generally dismal track record that makes many wish they had gone elsewhere with a line that has been aimed at the "bang for the buck" market.The Best sub-$1000 Inertia Shotguns. What many people like about recoil-operated "inertia" shotguns is the very low maintenance. What folks don't particularly love is paying $1700 or more for a very cheap to produce plastic shotgun,

originally purchased by Benelli then ...By Randy Wakeman. I've been asked many and at least very good overall build quality. It isn't reasonable to expect an O/U to sell at the price point of plastic stocked pump guns ...Stoeger's owned by Benelli and the company offers good Turkish-made guns at an affordable price. With the semi-automatic M3000 Freedom Series Defense shotgun,

the debate seems to center on a narrow group of brands. Often it's as if the other brands do not exist hard-hitting firearms information owners are given plenty of loading options and the 3000 handles them all flawlessly. Although many waterfowlers designed to chamber heavier loads tend to ...Randy Wakeman Outdoors is the independent resource for candid,

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